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Membership Applications !!!

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Membership Applications !!! Empty Membership Applications !!!

Post  Sidewinder on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:38 am

Welcome to the United Nations Fleet, please fill out some of our questions that we have for you, it will only help speed up your application:

Hello Visitor,

First off, Hopefully you have "Preregistered" yourself with our Forums, if not please do so, we will need the preregistration to be completed along with your application in order for you to be considered to joining our Fleet!

Please copy Numbers (#) 1 through 10, and paste them in your post to give use some info about yourself.

Questions Are:

1 ) Are you here to have Fun, Learn and be a Team Player?, if not no need to go any further. (Trouble makers are not Welcome)

2 ) In Game Name

3 ) Have you been in a Fleet before, and if so which one or one's.

4 ) How old you are.

5 ) What location of the World you live in, and what Time zone you are in. (this will help to find out who can help you join with Our Fleet)

6 ) What Nations, level of sailors and ships do you have.

7 ) Do you have Vent and a mic? (being able to listen on team speak is required, mic is optional if you do not speak English, but is required for English speaking players, for competitive play in game).

8 ) Any other info that might help you join up with our Fleet that you can give to use?

9 ) Are you putting in this application and wanting to join us of your own fee will?

10 ) Who in the Fleet do you know or recommended you to us (please put down UNF Members name or names).

One of our United Nations Fleet Brass Members will get with you in game. post on your application (Accepted or Denied)after reviewing and deciding on it, this step can take a while to process when we have numerous application submitted, please be patient with us.

Here is a little bit more info that will help you along with Joining our Fleet, we use communication, the best way to do that is by using Vent, it can be downloaded here:


Our Vent Server that we are using is:

Server: UNF
IP: tx1.leetvent.com
port: 4036
PW: no pw required for guest
PW: Members will get the PW when they are accepted into the fleet

Please come in for a chat if you wish to, everyone is welcome here @ the United Nations Fleet, except for trouble makers they will get the big boot !!!

Please copy and paste the above questions into your own "New Topic", right after this one, the "New Topic" button is located under this post on the left bottom, after doing so, we will get back with you asap.


"If you post in this section of the Forums, and it does not contain an Application for Recruitment your post will be deleted in this section of the forums, no warnings, no notifications on deleted posts, due to this section is in the public view.

Membership Applications !!! Sidesnakeck0Membership Applications !!! Us_arizona_ufsidewinder
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