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Post  rayboy on Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:39 pm

1 ) Are you here to have Fun, Learn and be a Team Player?, if not no need to go any further. (Trouble makers are not Welcome)Yep i definately am here to have fun

2 ) In Game Name Rayboy777

3 ) Have you been in a Fleet before, and if so which one or one's.Outcasts

4 ) How old you are.15

5 ) What location of the World you live in, and what Time zone you are in. (this will help to find out who can help you join with Our Fleet)Im not to sure about time zone but i live in B.C CANADA

6 ) What Nations, level of sailors and ships do you have.Lvl 65Usn cv lvl 47ijn ca/bb lvl 25km DD/BB

7 ) Do you have Vent and a mic? (being able to listen on team speak is required, mic is optional if you do not speak English, but is required for English speaking players, for competitive play in game). i have a mic and team speak but i dont have vent

8 ) Any other info that might help you join up with our Fleet that you can give to use?Not really

9 ) Are you putting in this application and wanting to join us of your own fee will?Yes

10 ) Who in the Fleet do you know or recommended you to us (please put down UNF Members name or names).I Dont Know anyone atm Smile


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