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United Nations Welcome and Info Page

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United Nations Welcome and Info Page Empty Re: United Nations Welcome and Info Page

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 05, 2009 2:58 am

well done side and welcome to UNF Very Happy


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United Nations Welcome and Info Page Empty United Nations Welcome and Info Page

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:37 am

Our Background:::

We're a group of players who have been around for many years, some of us have been around since NF Bata, we decided that there were things that didn't suit our tastes the first time a round in other Fleets, and wanted to do things our own way. One thing we wish to express to you, we truly value our members. Our goal is to have fun, be active, competitive, and become a force to be reckoned with in the near future, in HA’s, Fleet Wars, and in NFAFL.

This fleet aims to be a fleet that listens to its members, your suggestions on how to make this fleet a better fleet are appreciated, but all decisions will be made by the Higher Brass on all Fleet matters.

What we expect of you:::

We as a fleet ask our members to be as active as possible on the forums (United Nations and on the Navy Field Forums), in game and on Ventrillo. Communication is a key part of creating a community that can stand together against all odds and that is our goal here at United Nations Fleet. We want to give everyone a place to come have fun, be welcomed, and be competitive.

We are currently accepting all levels of players, SS, FF, DD, CL, CA, BB1 thru BB6, CV1 thru CV6, if you are looking for a Fleet that will help you, you have come to the right place, but no hand outs, on credits, points or sailors.

We also request and expect all of our members have respect for others players in the Navy Field Community, Navy Field Forums, United nations Forums, in Game, and in our Ventrillo, we do not like trouble makers, if you are a trouble maker, do not go any further, your application will be denied.

We are not part of any other fleets in Navy Field, we will not accept players or members to be active in another fleet, this would be called spying, multiple accounts throughout Navy Field is looked down on by most fleets in Navy Field and the United Nations Fleet is one of them, if you wish to be active in another fleet with one account and also be active in United Nations Fleet with another account, no need to request membership / registration to United Nations Fleet!

We are a fleet that believes in H.P.T. (Honor, Pride, and Trust) from our members, if you're interested in joining our fleet, and you think that you meet these requirements, please post a new topic in this section here about your interest in joining the United Nations Fleet, please leave a little info about yourself to help in the our consideration on your fleet membership with us, and we will get back with you asap:::


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